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Quality in distance education

ASPESA Forum 91

Atkinson, R., McBeath, C. and Meacham, D. (eds) (1991). Quality in distance education: ASPESA Forum 91. Bathurst, NSW: Australian and South Pacific External Studies Association. ISBN 0 646 08857 2.

Papers presented at the Tenth Biennial Forum of the Australian and South Pacific External Studies Association, held at Charles Sturt University Mitchell Campus, Bathurst, NSW, Australia, on 15-19 July 1991


David MeachamPreface: Quality in distance educationv-vii
Richard JohnsonASPESA Biennial Oration: Where do we go from here?1-10
Roger Atkinson and Angela CastroThe ADEnet Project: Improving computer communications for distance education students11-19
Roger Atkinson, Colin Latchem and Graeme DavyLive-Net and beyond: A universities and TAFE video conferencing consortium in WA20-31
David Back and Shannon TimmersQuality, costs and volume: What can we learn from the Open Learning Institute of Hong Kong?32-43
Robyn Benson, Marion Collis, Michael Parer and Marianne RobinsonAchieving quality in distance education44-52
Patricia BodycoatDevelopment of a mobile curriculum to maintain standards of care and meet the needs of a far flung domiciliary client population53-62
Sakorn Boondao and Glenn RowleyDoes the use of assignments in distance education courses improve their quality?63-71
John BottomleyBut are they real degrees? Quality assurance in laddered degree completion programs72-79
Donald Bowser and Doug ShepherdStudent perceptions of the role of technology in enhancing the quality of management education at a distance80-89
Patrick BradberyThe process is the content90-101
Jocelyn Calvert, Terry Evans and Bruce KingCourse development through inter-institutional collaboration: The Australian Master of Distance Education102-110
Susan Cauchi, John Clift and Keith HarrisQuality in instructional materials: Course evaluation at the Open Polytechnic of New Zealand111-115
Susan ClilverdQuality and industrial imperatives116-124
Terry De Lacy and Jim BirckheadAn external Aboriginal Ranger education program125-131
John DekkersThe development and maintenance of quality instructional materials for distance education: A viewpoint132-143
Allan Doring and Bill FosterQuality of life as a specialist provider144-148
Steve ElliotStarting with a clean sheet: Establishing quality assurance and quality control for professional computing courses in a new institution149-162
John FenwickA question of quality: Aspects of quality in distance learning163-172
Paul FinnaneStandards in distance education delivery173-179
Robert FoxThe role of TV in the Open Learning Project180-182
Mary GrantA community based approach to distance Aboriginal education in NSW183-192
Clare Harris and Maureen HagueMeeting at a distance: How video conference tutorials enhance teacher learner relationships193-198
John G Hedberg and Barry HarperProviding quality when the distance is halfway around the world199-207
Phill Higgins and Wayne KirstineProvision of experimental work in science to distance education students208-210
Stuart HoskingExternal study opportunities for print handicapped students: What constitutes quality?211-215
Walter J HowseAARNet: The discoveries of a beginner216-221
Alistair InglisThe cost of quality222-232
Noel JacklingDesigning and discarding pages! A tour through the development of graphics and page design for a study guide.233-249
Viktor JakupecEsoteric and exoteric concepts of quality in distance education250-263
Gordon JoughinQuality in distance learning: A critical review of the role of self directed learning264-272
Neale Kemp, Fons Nouwens and Steve TowersMaterials development workshops: An integral component in the design and preparation of quality distance education materials273-286
Jenny KinnyFrom bridging program to accredited unit: Tracing the development of a self instructional learning skills program287-291
Jenny Kinny and Bob RossInteractive self instructional packages as a tool for academic staff development292-296
Christine LeysMeeting whose needs? Quality issues in Aboriginal education programs in Central West New South Wales.297-301
Judy LittleA maternal and child health program assuring quality of performance by Aboriginal health workers in the Kimberley Region of WA302-306
Robert Lyall"But is the pen mightier than the electron?" Using interactive technologies in teaching chemistry at a distance307-311
Mary Jane Mahony and Christopher K MorganA sense of belonging: The unacknowledged dimension of quality in distance education312-315
Claire MatthewsonQuality in the developing world: A view of the University of the South Pacific316-323
Andrea McIlroyEnhancing the quality of management learning and teaching in the distance mode324-329
Rod McMillanQuality with video: Not just a pretty face330-333
Sue McNamaraPioneers, pilots and parachutes: Human resources development for open learning334-343
Ron MillsAn ATO view of quality in distance education344-349
Ian MitchellQuality control and the Sale of Goods Act: Students' rights as buyers350-357
Gavin MoodieThe TV open learning project - differing notions of quality in a new distance education program358-366
Christopher K Morgan Mary Jane MahonyAchieving quality in distance education programs depends on cooperative planning367-370
Fons Nouwens and Peter RobinsonA model for quality materials development evaluation371-386
Ted NunanUniversity academics' perceptions of quality in distance education387-395
Ted Nunan and Jocelyn CalvertInvestigating quality and standards in distance education: An interpretation of issues396-406
Michael S Parer (Chair)The course developer: Notes for a panel discussion407-411
Helen ParkerTAFE Distance Education in Queensland: An institutional view of context driven quality412-417
Tom PrebbleQuality assurance under conditions of devolved responsibility: A New Zealand case418-423
C. N. Reid and M. RobertshawThe quest for quality, east and west424-435
Dagmar SchmidmaierQuality as part of the management game plan436-438
Bruce ScrivenPerceptions of quality in distance education439-449
Doug ShepherdTelephone conferencing: A quality factor in the delivery of public management courses450-460
Peter J. Smith and Brian L. ScorgieThe video production console: Quality production by a single operator461-464
Diane J. ThompsonAudio teleconferencing: A quality compromise or a compromise of quality465-472
Lin ThompsonDesigning and implementing an effective computer based tutorial system as a means of improving quality of distance education473-481
Shannon Timmers, Maree Bentley, Ceri Davies and Peter YenDeveloping distance education business courses for Hong Kong students: A search for quality.482-492
Susanne WarnCourse evaluation: Creating excellence with students493-504
Lesley M. Wilkes and Elaine LeeLecturer contact in offshore education: Implications for quality505-511
Patricia Youngblood, Mary Jane Mahony and Stan TonkinsIssues in the implementation of a transcampus video conferencing network512-518

Edited by Roger Atkinson, Clare McBeath and David Meacham for ASPESA. Cover, page and text design, editing and formatting by Roger Atkinson and Clare McBeath, using the facilities of the External Studies Unit, Murdoch University. Printed and bound for ASPESA by Printing Services, Curtin University of Technology.

The program organiser for ASPESA Forum 91 was Mary Jane Mahony, of University of New England Orange Agricultural College. Her work is gratefully acknowledged. We thank the External Studies Unit of Murdoch University for providing Clare McBeath and Roger Atkinson with the production facilities, which included Omnipage, Applescan, Word and MacDraw running on Apple hardware, including ethernet networked Macintosh IIci, Quadra 700 and LC workstations.

© Australian and South Pacific External Studies Association 1991. Copyright in each article remains with the author or authors of the article

ASPESA is now the Open and Distance Learning Association of Australia. Copies of this book, other publications and membership information may be obtained from ODLAA.

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