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Creating an inclusive learning environment: Engagement, equity, and retention

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Bashir Samsam ShariatThe challenge of introducing authentic assessment for engineering students[Abstract]
Dawn Bennett & Lisa TeeEngaging students with future-oriented thinking[Abstract]
Cross-cultural observations on classroom management: Experiences of German migrant teachers in Australia[Abstract]
Rebecca Blaxell & Catherine MooreConnecting academic and employability skills and attributes[Abstract]
[Prof Practice]
Anna BoscoSustaining fieldwork education: Fieldwork risk management underpinned by the pedagogy of work integrated learning[Abstract]
Anja BrokHow big is too big? Combining large class workshops and lectures in history education[Abstract]
Yvonne Button, Mark Drechsler & Shannon Johnston55 minute workshop
Sharing UWA staff training for Moodle pre-implementation in 2012
Alistair Campbell & Julia Wren55 minute workshop
Assessment in the digital age: Touch technology
Alistair Campbell & Julia WrenFeedback on group performance using an iPad app[Abstract]
Donella Caspersz, Doina Olaru & Leigh SmithStriving for definitional clarity: What is service learning?[Abstract]
Denise Chalmers, Sophie Giles, Sid Nair, Janice Orrell, Lee Partridge, Eileen Thompson, Rashmi Watson, Peter Whipp & Natalie Skead85 minute Symposium
UWA assessment and feedback project: A progress report on a university-wide initiative
Denise Chalmers, Veronica Goerke, Allan Goody, Sue Stoney & Di GardinerAre higher education teacher preparation programs achieving their goals?[Abstract]
Gemma Clarke, Lisa Paton, Allen Mudford, Renuka Pathmasuntharam, Jocelyn Robinson & Ranjna KapoorChanging perceptions to feedback[Abstract]
Rick CummingsA standards framework for work integrated learning[Abstract]
Cathy CupittEnhancing sessional staff development through assessment tools[Abstract]
Gillian Dale-Jones, Phil Hancock & Eileen ThompsonAssessment standards and peer learning[Abstract]
Lorraine Day & Derek HurrellA teaching team: More than the sum of its parts[Abstract]
[Prof Practice]
Carmela De Maio & Sam FearnMeeting the academic skills needs of first year students through embedding workshops[Abstract]
Renae DesaiDeveloping effective global communicators: Conceptualising emotional intelligence as a graduate attribute[Abstract]
Chensong DongAssessment of mechanical engineering final year projects using Fuzzy Multi Attribute Utility theory[Abstract]
Monika DurrerUp close and personal: Increasing student engagement and understanding through eyewitness interviews[Abstract]
Jim ElliottDoes focusing on retention make a difference? The impact of Curtin's retention plan[Abstract]
[Prof Practice]
Jennifer FarrellA Kimberley virtual hospital: Innovation within the Diploma of Nursing[Abstract]
Ray FellsThe challenge of experientially teaching the complexity of real-world negotiation[Abstract]
Sonia FernsEmbedding employability capabilities: The challenges of ensuring equity and access[Abstract]
Kim Flintoff and Peter Mellow55 minute workshop
Engaging microblogging in lectures
Elizabeth-Kate Gulland, Ahmed El-Mowafy & Tony SnowDeveloping interactive tools to augment traditional teaching and learning in land surveying[Abstract]
Elizabeth-Kate Gulland, Ahmed El-Mowafy & Tony SnowMarking moderation in land surveying units[Abstract]
Kaye HaddrillDevelopment of international student engagement[Abstract]
Patrick HalloranAssessment for learning can be a focus for engagement and retention[Abstract]
Phil Hancock, Mark Freeman, Anne Abraham, Paul De Lange, Bryan Howieson, Brendan O'Connell & Kim WattyAchievement matters: External peer review of accounting learning standards[Abstract]
Allen G. HarbaughEffective strategies to support online learning and student engagement[Abstract]
Jan Herrington, Anthony Herrington & Ian Olney55 minute workshop
Mainstreaming mobile learning in higher education: Capabilities and strategies for teachers
Steve Hoath, Robyn Quin, Keith McNaught, Arshad Omari, Bev Thiele & Phil HancockPlenary session panel
The readiness of school leavers for university
Siobhan HodgeRe-thinking the box: Negotiating curricula and finding critical spaces in English[Abstract]
[Prof Practice]
David Holloway & Donell HollowayWork integrated learning in reverse: Case study of the Murdoch Business School[Abstract]
Shannon Johnston55 minute workshop
Social networking for engaging students in learning beyond mainstream university experience
Shannon Johnston, Yvonne Button & Mark DrechslerMoving to Moodle: Organisational knowledge and community building at UWA[Abstract]
Megan Jones, Kathy Sanders & Jan MeyerAssessment driven awareness of scientific inquiry and the use of animals in research[Abstract]
Sue Jones, Rick Ladyshewsky, Megan Smith, Franziska Trede & Helen FlavellEngaging fieldwork coordinators: Academic leadership development for work integrated learning[Abstract]
Marion Kickett & Julie HoffmanEngagement, equity and retention in Indigenous culture and health[Abstract]
Simon KilbaneRoom for improvement? Reviewing graduate perceptions of design studio teaching at UWA[Abstract]
Su-Ann Koh, Kathy Sanders & Jan MeyerRoles of active learning and tutor input in students' perception of learning[Abstract]
[Prof Practice]
David LambIntegrating practice with theory through student engagement in local community events[Abstract]
Christopher LinExamining the role of exams in student perceptions of learning[Abstract]
Marina Lommerse, Priya Metcalfe & Michelle DorayLearning in the transition year: Bridging the move from institution into a community of practice[Abstract]
Jane Mangano55 minute workshop
Terminating the termination cycle: A pilot intervention for students re-entering university after termination
Keith McNaughtTrialling the use of a mathematics diagnostic assessment task[Abstract]
Eva-Marie MiddletonPractice makes perfect: Improving private practice among music aural students[Abstract]
Catherine Moore & Rebecca Blaxell55 minute workshop
Meeting student needs through the synchronised development of academic and employability skills
Angus Morrison-SaundersMissing in action? A philosophy of plagiarism and implications for learners and teachers[Abstract]
Angus Morrison-Saunders, Richard Bell & Francois RetiefThe journal article incubator approach to teaching writing skills and enhancing research outputs[Abstract]
Jamie Murphy55 minute workshop
Experiential learning via the Google Online Marketing Challenge
Renee Parnell & Michele DorayExpanding horizons: Fostering and retaining regional student engagement in higher education[Abstract]
Renee Parnell and Dianne SmithNavigating the unexpected: Regional community engagement with authentic learning outcomes[Abstract]
Lee Partridge55 minute workshop
Obstacles and barriers to effective progress in educational development for early career academics
Lee Partridge, Sally Sandover & Jenna MeadMission impossible: Select entry degrees and equity[Abstract]
Coral Pepper & Susan RobertsSupporting unit coordinators: Just in time, just for me[Abstract]
Maryanne Pestell, Prue Andrus & Paul MorrisonUsing the 4MAT model to engage nursing students in the classroom[Abstract]
Rob Phillips, Dorit Maor, Wendy Cumming-Potvin, Pauline Roberts, Jan Herrington & Greg PrestonLearning analytics and study behaviour: A pilot study[Abstract]
Will Rifkin & Daniel Southam55 minute workshop
Engaging students in a new media assessment
Mahsood Shah & Chenicheri Sid. NairCan standards drop? Social inclusion agenda and academic standards[Abstract]
Tara Smith & Jenni ParkerDesigning an authentic blend: Development of a 'real-life' learning environment for higher education[Abstract]
Xingchen (Chase) SongStudents' learning experience with learning management systems: A UWA case study[Abstract]
Katrina Stratton & Susan Bailey55 minute workshop
Well-being and student placements: An experiential exploration for educators
Michelle Striepe, Christine Howitt & Mark PegrumThe iPad and pre-service teachers: Revolutionary learning tool or fancy entertainment device?[Abstract]
Rebekah Sturniolo-Baker & Rocco LoiaconoPerceptions of learning and assessment in beginners and intermediate level Italian Studies[Abstract]
[Prof Practice]
Miriam Sullivan & Nancy LongneckerBenefits and risks of using blogs in university teaching[Abstract]
Susan Teather & Catherine MooreEmbedding innovative assessment practices: Developing students' critical appraisal skills[Abstract]
[Prof Practice]
Greg Thompson & Ross WilliamsUniversity students' perceptions of peer assessment in Health and Physical Education[Abstract]
Raelene Tifflin & Dimity WehrEngaging students in discussion board participation: Strategies for online teaching and learning[Abstract]
Kristy Tomlinson, B-K Tan & Helen FlavellDoes international clinical fieldwork experience improve the employability of students?[Abstract]
Kathryn TreesTeaching and cultural diversity[Abstract]
David TrippCritical incidents in tertiary teacher development[Abstract]
Kent Turkich, Shane Greive & Paul CozensStudent retention and co-teaching: Utilising expert staff and educational theory to promote motivation[Abstract]
John R. Venable, Ashley Aitken, Vanessa Chang, Heinz Dreher, Tomayess Issa, Brian von Konsky, & Lincoln WoodDeveloping a research design for comparative evaluation of marking and feedback support systems[Abstract]
Peter Wall, Prue Andrus & Paul MorrisonUtilising scenarios to reinforce clinical skills in second year undergraduate nursing students[Abstract]
Rashmi WatsonStaff engagement with support mechanisms that promote and improve teaching practices: Perceptions of lecturers[Abstract]
Don Watts & Keith McNaughtThe demise of upper schooling for university bound students: Challenging the policy drivers in Western Australia[Abstract]
Craig Whitsed, Ingrid Richardson, Jan Gothard, Julia Hobson, Helen Middleton & Megan Paull55 minute panel discussion
Being on common ground: Facilitating increased cross-cultural interactions in diverse learning contexts
Jianhong (Cecilia) Xia, Craig Caulfield, David Baccarini & Shelley YeoSimsoft: A game for teaching project risk management[Abstract]
Marjan G Zadnik & Will RifkinGet your colleagues to teach better[Abstract]

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